Problems That Can Be Caused by Fire

Fire and theft are two of the main issues property owners concern themselves with on a regular basis. These can be tragic in their own ways and cost the individual in lost productivity and money.

Sewer Issues are More Troublesome

However, what troubles many owners the most, especially when they detect the problem, is damage to sewer or water lines. When this happens, visions of contaminated drinking water, the tearing up of property, and large repair bills loom large in their minds. And, if they encounter mold or other related items due to severe water damage, they may need to take a complete loss.

Smoke Pump Testers Can Save the Day

Once a problem is detected, the property owner should not rely on a company which deals in total tear up to find the problem. Rather, they should work with an organization that deals in trenchless sewer repair.

These companies use equipment from organizations like Hurco Technologies to determine the location of leaks and quickly correct them. One of the ways they do this is a smoke Pump Tester.

Liquid Smoke Through the Pipes

Liquid smoke is added to a machine which distributes the non-toxic product through the sewer pipes. When it reaches a damaged area, the smoke rises. This can be from a sewer grate, a manhole, or a location on your property.

As soon as the problem area or areas are detected, the sewer repair team can get to work. However, instead of ripping up huge swaths of concrete and yard, they utilize an invasive procedure to make corrections.

For instance, if the issue involves a small leak, a sealant is pushed through the pipe’s interior to cover the area. If it’s determined the entire section of pipe needs to be replaced, then the repair team slides a new piece into the old one. As the replacement expands it breaks the original pipe off.

Before you encounter sewer and water issues, do your homework to determine the trenchless repair companies in your area.

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