Our Group Vacation to Greece Was Fantastic

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be one of those people who is beyond wealthy and is in the class of the ultra-rich? You might imagine them lounging around a pool all the time on an island they own that has a giant mansion with all kinds of cool stuff. Actually, people like that are always on the move earning more. It is people like you and me who get more pool time. My wife and I got ours at one of the most grand Mykonos villas I have ever seen. The sunshine and amenities of this place are unsurpassed.

There was eight bedrooms in the villa, and we recruited family and friends to go on this vacation with us. We were having a discussion at a barbecue when the subject of a group vacation popped up. Someone said we should go to a Greek island in the middle of winter, and we were all okay with that. Some sunshine and warmth in the middle of our winter would be great! Going as a group made it affordable. Planning well ahead got us the most affordable airfare too. Mykonos was such a treat. The town was only a few miles away from our villa, and we had shopping trips arranged by the company that provided our villa rental.

The place had daily housekeeping, so we did not have to do any work while on vacation. We paid a little extra for laundry services, and we felt like royalty. We were just regular working people on the vacation of a lifetime in Greece. It was snowing back home with perfect sunshine at our villa. None of us will forget the time we had together there. It was so much fun and built great memories for all of us.

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