I Stay at a Luxury Apartment when My Company Sends Me to Turkey on Business

I kind of fell into a job at work because I was good at it. I know the science of what we do, and I speak a couple of languages fluently. I learned them on my own more out of curiosity than need when I was younger. I had no idea they would prove beneficial now. Our company does business in Turkey, and I have to fly back and forth about four or five times a year staying for weeks at a time. I got tired of hotels, and looked at Turkey real estate options as an investment for my company that would give me a stable and familiar place to live at when I go there. The board liked the idea since I presented it as an investment opportunity more than just another expense to facilitate what I wanted.

I found a nice condo in Turkey. They call them apartments. You buy it and then ownership appreciates in value. The company I work for had their experts look into it, and they decided to go ahead and buy it. They did not give me any hassle at all. I was thinking after the fact that I should have stepped up in luxury if I knew it was going to be this easy. However, the place is really nice. It has two bedrooms for when I can bring my wife and child with me on the longer stays.The place is packed with all of the latest modern design elements. The kitchen is beautiful, the rooms are big and the amenities abound. I like quiet living where I can find some solitude and seclusion. That is tough in a big city such as Istanbul. However, the architects have created common areas that let you interact or be by yourself. Great planning to meet the needs if all types of people.

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